When you consider Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery in Florida, look for a perfectionist, artist and scientist. At Sarasota Surgical Arts, Dr. Alberico Sessa merges all of these traits into a work of beauty with an artistic finesse and an eye for detail. At Sarasota Surgical Arts we strive to provide the highest standards in Cosmetic Surgery using the latest technology in the industry. At Sarasota Surgical Arts quality and experience matter, which is why Dr. Sessa has been awarded the Patient’s Choice Award for three years in a row and has received hundreds of positive customer satisfaction reviews. Patient care is our number one priority and we offer a large array of services to improve your overall body image including one of our most popular services, breast augmentation.

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Testimony 1: 66 yrs old – Lipo upper/lower Ab. + hips

"I love my new belly. Finally at the age of 66, I have a flat belly. I bought three new dresses and they look great. Thank you for a new look. Thank you again!" - Terry

Review Date: 1/08/2013

Testimony 2: 56 yrs old – Smart Lift w/ Neck and Breast Aug (silicone)

"Before choosing Dr. Sessa for my cosmetic procedures I attended one of his seminars. At the seminar I was presented with a great deal of information including photographs and a question and answer session from both Dr. Sessa and a prior patient. I had been to other seminars and was impressed with what I saw during the presentation.

After attending the seminar I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Sessa for a consultation. I felt that Dr. Sessa listened to what I wanted and gave good advice and suggestions as to what he felt I should have done. After meeting with Dr. Sessa I felt comfortable enough to schedule a smartlift and breast augmentation for the same day.

Both surgeries went well and I am extremely happy with the results. I have had many compliments on my new looks! Dr. Sessa and every member of his staff is kind, patient and very helpful. I am very happy I chose Dr. Sessa."
- Beth

Review Date: 1/10/2013

Testimony 3: 67 yrs old - Smart lift w/ neck

"I couldn't be happier with my results from my neck lift and lower face lift. As soon as the bandages were taken off, I felt like a new Person. I went to feeling like an old depressed woman, with no energy, to a young woman with lots of energy and an excitement for living.

I am back to the gym and yoga, (I have lost 10lbs.) traveling, gardening, and training my dog to be a therapy dog. I feel like a million dollars.........THANK YOU........THANK YOU.......THANK YOU."
- Kitty

Surgery date: 12/12/12
Review date: 1/22/13

Testimony 4: 82 yrs old

Read this story that brought me back to life! Does everyone want to look younger than they are?! Yes, yes, and yes again! If and when you look in the mirror, and the person you see is nothing at all like the person you were in your 50s, 60s, or 70s, then it’s time to do something about it. I am in my early eighties, and when I reached 76, I really realized I was not being told how "young looking I was for my age." No one can fight "Mother Time." Four years ago I started attending "Facial Seminars." My travels took me to Ft. Meyers, Tampa, and Sarasota. I would say, at least, a total of 12. At that point, I was ready to forget doing anything at all, because something was missing at each one. I found the answers when I met and attended Dr. Sessa’s seminars. It was his honesty and creativity for perfection. I knew at that point, I wanted Dr. Sessa to perform my surgery. I have been asked if I would go thru it again, and my answer is "definitely." I would not hesitate. I owe it all to Dr. Sessa – "The Master Sculpture of the Face & Body"

Testimony 5: Smart Lift w/ Neck

"Why did I hesitate to have my "SmartLift"? My first meeting with Dr. Sessa and his delightful caring staff, I realized that not only was Dr. Sessa a M.D. he is also a "facial artist".

The improvement of my face and neck is truly amazing. My friends tell me I look 15 years younger. I have to agree with them.

Thank you so much Dr. Sessa!"
- Kathryn B

Review date: 10/8/13

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