What People Are Saying About Facelifts

Happy businesswomanIt’s easy for us to tell you the fantastic results our patients achieve, how much we care about our patients, or just how popular our cosmetic surgery is in Sarasota. Instead, we thought you might like to hear some honest feedback from patients of Dr. Sessa and the team here at Sarasota Surgical Arts.

Patient 1 – Facelift

“Since I had the facelift, it’s very interesting to see people’s reactions. Some people don’t exactly know what’s different about me, but most people tell me I look thinner or think that I look different because I had my hair cut. What they don’t know is I look thinner because I no longer have all of that loose skin hanging off my face. The procedure has defined the structure of my face, and after having it I saw how tight the skin on my face is supposed to look.

Nobody has said it is funny looking, and everyone who I share my results with wants to know where I’ve had it done.

I hand Dr. Sessa’s card out to strangers wherever I am, even in Walmart – I always keep a bunch of them with me.

In summary I would say Dr Sessa, he’s the best.”

Patient 2 – Facelift

“I knew I could take care of myself from the neck down with regular exercise, but at age 62, I knew I needed to do something from the neck up – I needed the expertise of Dr. Sessa. I was a little nervous beforehand, but after my private consultation (which my husband attended) with Dr. Sessa it put my mind at ease.

A little over two weeks later, I returned to his clinic to have my procedure. 90 minutes later my facelift was complete, as promised, and I even got to enjoy ‘twilight sleep’ during it.

My goal was to have my friends seeing me look refreshed and saying that I looked younger, but without anyone saying, “Oh did you have a facelift?” That’s exactly what I got with my procedure! I realized I’d made the right decision after the third day when the swelling settled down, plus I never had to use all of my pain medication – I simply didn’t need to.

I had only slight swelling and bruising afterwards, and I was back in work nine days later, but nobody ever knew I’d had a facelift. Instead, everyone thought I was just really relaxed looking after my vacation. Even my own beautician couldn’t find the incisions Dr Sessa had made – they were almost invisible after just a few weeks.

I have loads more self-confidence, even when I’m in front of a camera – something I used to hate.

Please come in and see Dr Sessa, you won’t be disappointed – I wasn’t.”

Patient 3 – Facelift

“I lost 65 pounds about 7 years ago, so I was left with a lot of sagging skin. I turned 50 around the same time and knew I needed to do something about how I looked because any time I was out socially I was always trying to hide my chin and neck. I felt embarrassed by my own face because it made me look much older than I felt inside. Feeling this way helped me decide that I needed to do something just for myself for once.

After doing some research I came across Dr. Sessa on Channel 7, and I was really impressed by what I saw and read about him, plus the before and after pictures of his patients looked amazing.

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Sessa shortly after that – he made me feel at ease by explaining the procedure so thoroughly, and made lots of recommendations during our consultation. Just a few weeks later I was back there to have my surgery, and I could see the difference in how I looked just 45 minutes after the procedure was complete.

What surprised me was that there was very little pain involved, and I healed very quickly too. In fact, just 3 weeks later, I had no bruising at all, and I felt great too.

I feel like a new person – I’m elated that I made this choice. I know now that nothing could have fixed how I looked except for the surgery by Dr. Sessa. The people who don’t know I’ve had surgery think I’ve just done something with my hair. I wanted a natural look – without any stretching – after my facelift, and Dr. Sessa made that a reality for me.

I’ve given Dr Sessa’s card to many of my friends – one of my friends is traveling from another state to have a consultation with him!”


These are just a few sample testimonials from the many we have on file. We think they speak for themselves.



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