The Brazilian Butt Lift Explained

Brazilian Butt LiftTime moves forward no matter what you do, and with each passing year you’ve had to watch the body of a young woman become the body of an older woman instead. One of the first places you might notice this happening is with a sagging butt, but the Brazilian butt lift can be an ideal way of dealing with this particular problem.

Before making the decision to have cosmetic surgery we’d like to share some information on this procedure with you, courtesy of Dr. Sessa – a leading cosmetic surgeon based in Sarasota, Florida.

What Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Treatment?

As the name suggests this cosmetic procedure does to your derriere what a facelift does to your face – tightens it up, and makes it more youthful. A perky butt has always been a sign of youth, and you’ll look and feel better in your clothes when you know your butt isn’t sagging, or moving uncomfortably around behind you.

The Brazilian Butt lift is different from most other cosmetic procedures in that it doesn’t use synthetic implants to achieve a perkier butt, but instead uses your own body fat to sculpt a new rear end for you.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The first and most obvious candidates for a butt lift are women who want to regain at least some of their youthful appearance, especially while they’re at the beach or in the gym. Not every woman is graced with a set of curvy buttocks in the first place, and if you’ve had to put up with flat buttocks your entire life then you’re also a good candidate for this procedure.

Women who have lost lots of weight are also ideal candidates for this procedure because it offers them a safe way to create an ideal body image, including the ideal butt.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

Different cosmetic surgeons use slightly different techniques for performing a Brazilian butt lift, but the core principles of the procedure remain the same – fat is extracted from elsewhere on your body and then injected into the upper part of your buttocks.

The source fat is removed from donor sites using liposuction, and then used to augment your buttocks through a series of multiple injections. How expertly the fat is processed after extraction will have a major impact on the quality of the final butt lift, plus there’s the fact that the procedure uses your own fat, which means there’s no risk of it being rejected by your body.

Butt Implants Vs. Butt Lift

Using silicone implants to augment your buttocks has become extremely popular in the last few years, but are there reasons to choose a Brazilian butt lift over butt implants?

The main reasons people would choose the butt lift over the implants is there’s a much lower risk of complications, no risk of implants rupturing, and the results you get using your own fat cells to add curves to your body will look more natural than anything synthetic ever could. The one major advantage of implants is that the procedure can be completed very quickly, and also possibly at a lower cost.

Recovery Time

Modern cosmetic surgery has reduced the recovery time for many procedures from weeks to days, or even hours in some cases. The Brazilian butt lift is somewhat different in that it can take several weeks of recovery time for your body to return to normal. The reason for this is that you’ll be unable to sit normally for the first 3 weeks after having this procedure, plus you’ll need to wear compression undergarments for several weeks afterwards too.

Generally speaking, you can expect total recovery time to be in the region of 4 weeks, although individual experiences can vary. Long distance travel is not advised during your recovery period.

What About Gaining or Losing Weight Afterwards?

Because this procedure uses your own fat cells to augment your body shape if you lose weight or gain weight afterwards these fat cells will react as nature intended them to i.e. they will either increase or decrease in number.

As with any fat replacement or fat removal procedure, it’s not a cure for weight loss or weight gain – it’s simply to create the body image you want at that point in time. Ideally you should try to keep your weight as stable as possible after having a butt lift because it’s never a good idea to have a yo-yo weight loss routine as part of your lifestyle.

Quicker Cheaper Options

We see more and more people every year investigating cheaper ways of having body enhancements and augmentations like the Brazilian butt lift, and cosmetic surgery tourism is a growing trend as part of that. While we understand that you can “save” yourself several thousand dollars by traveling overseas for cosmetic surgery, you could quite literally be putting your life at risk by having a surgeon you’ve never met performing invasive procedures on your body. At best you could be left disfigured, or at worst you could be left with extremely serious health complications as a result.

Don’t risk your body, health or your life by giving in to cheaper options. If you’re going to do anything to alter your body, make sure you choose the most professional and proven method. That’s why so many people trust us with cosmetic surgery in Sarasota and why we have people come to us from all around.

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