Surgeon Weighs In: What to Wear After a Facelift

tampa surgeonNot sure what to wear after your facelift? Today, Tampa-area surgeon Dr. Alberico Sessa from Sarasota Surgical Arts is explaining exactly what you should wear after a facelift.

What to Wear the Day of the Procedure:

Patients should wear comfortable clothing on the day of their procedure. Sweat pants and/or yoga pants, and a comfortable shirt are all popular options. Think about what you wear when you’re relaxing at home, and wear something like that. You don’t want to wear something tight that constricts blood flow.

What to Wear After Your Facelift:

Continue wearing comfortable clothing during the 24-48 hours following your procedure. After 48 hours, however, you can wear anything you want.

Many patients also choose to get a new wardrobe after their facelift so they feel better. The new face often leads to new physical and mental confidence, and it’s appropriate that you have a new wardrobe to match this younger-looking you.

How Long Are You “Out” After a Facelift?

Typically, patients feel groggy the first day after a facelift. The next day, they feel 50% better. By the third day, they feel like themselves again.

When treated appropriately, the swelling should last 4 to 5 days.

What About Makeup?

Typically, makeup can be worn on the face the next day after the facelift. However, you should avoid putting makeup on any of the incision areas for at least one week.

Can I Shower?

You can safely shower the day after taking a facelift.

Anything Else to Know?

Ultimately, every patient is different when it comes to facelifts. Cosmetic surgeons may recommend different post-surgery care based on your body type, age, weight, size, and a number of other characteristics.

For that reason, the best advice is to listen to your doctor and follow his or her instructions.

Some doctors, for example, recommend wearing a chinstrap following a facelift, while others do not.

Expect your Confidence to Skyrocket

Ultimately, your confidence skyrockets after a facelift procedure. Within days, the swelling and grogginess will disappear to reveal a healthier-looking, younger-looking, and more confident you!

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