Saline and Silicone Breast Implants: The Differences

Sarasota Silicone Breast ImplantsThere are many reasons for any woman to have breast augmentation surgery, including creating their ideal body image or as part of reconstructive surgery after a partial or full mastectomy. So if you’ve taken one final look at your breasts and, for whatever reason, decided that change is the only way forward then the next decision you’ll have to make is what type of breast implants you’re going to get.

The vast majority of women in Sarasota choosing to have breast augmentation surgery will choose between silicone or saline breast implants, depending on a number of factors including cost and their own personal preferences.

We’re going to take a closer look at each type of breast implant today, to give you a better understanding of how they compare to each other. First, Dr. Alberico Sessa explains some of the differences in this quick video:

Outer Shell

Both silicone and saline breast implants have a silicone outer shell, so regardless of what type of breast implant you get it’s still going to contain at least a small amount of silicone. This is an industry-standard practice, so you there’s nothing for you to worry about here.

Implant Contents

A saline breast implant contains sterile salt water and nothing else. The implant is empty when it’s placed inside your body, and is then filled with the saline fluid when it’s in place.

A silicone implant is filled with a gel made from silicone, which is designed to feel exactly like human body fat. Silicone implants already contain this gel before they’re placed inside your body.

Look & Feel

In theory both types of implants will appear completely natural to anyone looking at them from a distance, but how do they compare when somebody actually touches them? After all you probably don’t want everyone to know you’ve had breast implants, do you? Just the select friends you want to share the experience with.

Saline breast implants are very popular with women, and the main reasons for this popularity are that they’re very safe and are also more cost effective than silicone implants. There’s also the added bonus that if a saline implant ruptures the fluid will be absorbed by your body, with no potential health implications. The best results using saline breast implants are achieved when they’re place underneath the muscle.

Silicone implants have been on the market far longer, and the debate about how natural they look or feel has been going on ever since they were first used. High-quality silicone implants can look 100% natural, but the biggest concern most women have these types of breast implants is the risks associated with one rupturing, although this is very rare thanks to improved manufacturing techniques and major advances in cosmetic surgery procedures.

Personal Preference

The decision to have breast implants fitted is a very personal one, as is the decision on what types of implants you decide to use as part of your cosmetic surgery. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is true when it comes to having breast augmentation – you’re the only person who needs to be completely satisfied with the new body image you’re creating.

Just remember that one of the key factors in achieving a completely natural look and feel to your new breasts is the skill and experience of your cosmetic surgeon. This type of surgery can, and will, dramatically alter your body shape, so only ever work with a cosmetic surgeon you trust 100%.

Dr. Alberico Sessa provides the utmost in plastic surgery in Sarasota and has a whole list of testimonials and recommendations for you to check out before deciding anything. You can find testimonials and more explanation videos on Sarasota Surgical Arts’ YouTube channel here:

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