Dr. Sessa has a great deal of experience in body surgery. Both liposuction and tummy tucks are performed at his surgery center. Plastic surgery of the body can be a life changing procedure improving patient silhouette and contour. When you’re ready to learn more please contact Dr. Sessa.


Symmetry and balance are critical to great breast surgery. Trust Dr. Alberico Sessa to create the results you desire. Breast surgery is often a combination of augmentation and lift. Each case is unique and each requires a solution tailored to the patient.


When you choose a surgeon for your facelift, SmartLift or other procedure make sure you choose a doctor who understands the science and artistry of the procedure. Dr. Sessa possesses a delicate touch which is critical to a great result for your cosmetic surgery. Give us a call and Dr. Sessa can educate you to all your options.


Youthful skin is the secret to a youthful appearance. Wrinkles, spots, and scars keep you from having this freshened appearance. Dr. Sessa uses Botulinum Toxin, Restylane, Radiesse, peels and a complete line of skin care products to keep his patents looking their best. Contact us to start this life changing process.

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