Dr. Alberico Sessa Answers: Is a Facelift Really Dangerous?

facelift in TampaIf you’re thinking about getting a facelift in Tampa or Sarasota, FL, then it’s natural to wonder if facelifts are dangerous.

Today, we’re going to present the stats, safety figures, and safety procedures you need to know prior to undergoing a facelift in Tampa.

What Exactly is the Procedure for a Facelift?

A facelift is a procedure that tightens the loose skin of the face and the neck to create a more youthful appearance.

Patients are under local or general anesthesia (typically, general anesthesia is used for almost all patients). During the procedure, patients don’t feel a thing. Following the procedure, the recovery time lasts for about a week, after which you should start to notice minimized swelling and an enhanced appearance.

Which Parts of a Facelift May Be Considered Dangerous?

With modern advances in anesthesia and medical technology, very little about a facelift is considered dangerous. Most dangerous situations can be avoided by performing a careful review of the procedure along with the medical history of the patient.

Nevertheless, there are some risks associated with facelifts, including a risk of bleeding, infection, facial nerve injury, fluid accumulation, numbness, scarring, swelling, and skin discoloration.

With proper patient review, in-depth consultation, and an inexperienced plastic surgery team, the risk for any of these side effects is extremely minimal.

Why Do People Think Facelifts Are Dangerous?

It’s natural for people to be afraid of any surgical procedure. That fear can be magnified when the surgical procedure involves the face – which is what you use to interact with the world every day. This can magnify the safety fears surrounding facelifts. In reality, facelifts are one of the safest cosmetic surgery procedures available today.

If you are healthy and vibrant, the risks of a facelift can and should be minimal.

Even the risk of minor issues – like the collection of blood or a minor infection – can be minimized when you work with a properly trained surgeon.

Are Facelifts Safe for Everybody?

There is no set age or profile for those who should consider a facelift. A facelift can be an effective procedure for virtually anyone.

A good plastic surgeon will individualize your facelift and take into account factors like your age, body type, and size, among other things. By taking these factors into account, the dangers of facelifts are extremely minimal.

What Should People Believe About Facelifts?

Facelifts can be life-changing procedures. Some people wake up every morning and are unhappy with what they see in the mirror. This can have reverberating effects throughout every part of your life – from your work to your love life. One minor surgical procedure can change all of this.

Within one week of your facelift procedure, you can be totally transformed both physically and mentally.

More Than 125,000 Facelifts Are Performed Every Year Across America

The American Society of Plastic Surgery reported in 2012 that there was a resurgence in the popularity of facelifts. The ASPS reported that 125,000 facelifts were performed in 2012, an increase of 6% over 2011 figures.

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