How Much Does the Average Facelift Cost?

facelift costAccording to 2013 data gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the median price of a facelift (Rhytidectomy) is $6,500. This price, however, is simply the cost of the procedure itself, and doesn’t include other expenses such as anesthesia or other incidental medical expenses which might be incurred. So when you factor in all the other potential costs involved in having this procedure you may need to budget for closer to $10,000 in total.

The cost of having a facelift also varies from surgeon to surgeon, on how complex the surgery is, the amount of time involved in the procedure, and whether or not any remedial corrective surgery is required in the first place.

The SmartLift:

One of the biggest downsides to having a facelift is that the surgery itself is quite invasive, and requires a significant amount of recovery time. That’s not to say that there’s anything “wrong” with having a facelift, but there are now alternative cosmetic procedures which deliver the same results, and without the extensive bruising and swelling associated with older cosmetic surgeries. A perfect example of just such a treatment is the SmartLift, a technique pioneered by Dr. Alberico Sessa, a Sarasota-based cosmetic surgeon.

The SmartLift Difference:

In Dr. Alberico Sessa’s own words having a SmartLift simply means “…not having as much surgery for the same results.” While performing traditional facelift procedures he noticed that there were methods for refining the entire process to dramatically reduce patient’s recovery time. This included techniques, which required smaller incisions to be made; reducing the amount of scarring a patient had to contend with by as much as 50%.

A traditional facelift is based on surgical procedures from the 1950s, whereas a SmartLift uses the latest surgical technologies available. The combination of treatments involved in having a SmartLift also means that the entire procedure can often be completed in less than an hour, unlike the 5 – 10 hours required for a normal facelift.

From a patient’s perspective this means being able to return to work after just 4 – 5 days, instead of the usual 3 – 4 weeks of recovery time required for traditional rhytidectomy. There’s also the bonus that there are fewer potential complications involved in a SmartLift, making it safer for everyone involved.

A SmartLift is better suited to patient’s dealing with all stages of facial aging, where only minor cosmetic adjustments are required. If you have more extensive sagging of the skin on your face and neck you may need to opt for a traditional facelift instead, but this is something we discuss with each patient individually.

SmartLift Benefits:

  • Uses the latest cosmetic surgery techniques
  • Less invasive than a traditional facelift
  • Ideal for dealing with hanging jowls, neck wrinkles and “marionette” lines
  • Fewer potential complications
  • Recovery from the procedure takes 4-5 days on average
  • Ideal for treating the early signs of facial aging
  • More cost effective than a traditional facelift
  • Small scar facelift
  • Permanent results equal to traditional facelifts
  • 40-50% less surgery

Here at Sarasota Surgical Arts, our SmartLift procedure starts at $6,450 and is guaranteed to provide the results you desire from a face lift without all of the downtime and recovery you’d experience with traditional methods.

Interested in speaking to our expert staff about SmartLift? We’re only a phone call away: 941-923-1736

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