Choosing to Have Cosmetic Surgery: The How & Why

Beautiful Woman before Plastic Surgery Operation Cosmetology. Beauty FaceToday we’re going to take a look at the process of deciding to have cosmetic surgery. In Tampa, and elsewhere in the country, there are any of a number of excellent plastic surgeons to choose from, so how do you balance your own personal preferences with finding an excellent surgeon to create the “you” you’ve always wanted?

#1 Self-Reflection

Before you take even a single step on the journey to having any form of effective surgery, you need to be very clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing. In some cases people have cosmetic surgery to please their spouse or partner, but that’s a biased choice and not a personal one.

We would recommend that unless you’re choosing to have cosmetic surgery for your own personal reasons then it might be wise to take some time to reconsider your options.

#2 Making The Choice

Now that you’re comfortable with exactly why you’re having plastic surgery, it’s time to choose a surgeon. The first thing to ask is whether or not the surgeon is board certified?

You should be looking for a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. It’s also important to meet previous patients if at all possible, and if not, then be presented with a range of before and after shots of previous patients. Also, never be afraid to ask to see proof that the surgeon you’re considering is actually a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

#3 Surgical Experience

Does your surgeon have several years of experience in their field, or are they a relative newcomer? If they are relatively inexperienced this doesn’t make them a poor choice as a cosmetic surgeon, but you are taking a slightly higher risk by having surgery at the hands of somebody who may never have performed your procedure in the “real” world before.

Ideally, your surgeon should have performed the same procedure on several other patients who are similar to you in appearance, so they can show you what to expect from your final results.

#4 The Clinic

Be very honest with yourself with your impression of their facilities from the moment you walk in the door. Is the office clean and tidy? Does the staff seem well trained and courteous? Can you see evidence that this is a properly run clinic?

If you’re in any doubt about the cleanliness or professionalism of the clinic then don’t put your health, and potentially your life, at risk by continuing with the consultation.

#5 Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

If you go looking online you may find that traveling overseas to have your cosmetic procedure performed might be slightly cheaper than having cosmetic surgery in Tampa. The real issue is that you are literally putting your life at risk by traveling to another country to have cosmetic surgery. The risks of infection are far higher, plus you have no legal or financial recourse should anything ever go wrong. There’s no point in taking such incredible risks when the cosmetic surgery expertise of Dr. Sessa is only a phone consultation away.

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