Breast Lift / Reduction

Women with large breasts can experience chronic neck, back and shoulder pain and other physical discomfort due to the weight of their breasts. In addition to physical side effects, many of these women endure emotional distress as a result of the unwanted stares they attract, the difficulty they have with physical activity, and the problems they face in finding clothes that fit comfortably.

Breast reduction surgery relieves physical and emotional discomfort associated with large breasts. By removing excess skin and tissue during breast reduction surgery, Dr. Sessa is able to artfully reshape the breasts to a smaller, lighter, more proportionate size.

The Breast Reduction Procedure
During your consultation, Dr. Sessa will discuss the optimal plan for the reduction and the breast size you desire. Once in surgery, the doctor will begin the breast reduction procedure by making an incision around the outside of the nipple and vertically along the underside of the breast. He then removes the appropriate amount of excess skin, dense breast tissue and fat. Once he is finished reducing the volume and size of the breasts, he carefully reforms them to achieve symmetrical, natural looking results. He may also reduce the size of the nipple and/or reposition it to produce a more natural appearance. When the breasts have been properly sculpted, Dr. Sessa carefully closes the incisions.

Results of Breast Reduction Surgery
After breast reduction surgery, the physical strain caused by large breasts is dramatically reduced if not eliminated altogether. Although some residual scarring may remain on the breasts, the overwhelming benefits of the procedure make breast reduction surgery a worthwhile decision for many women. For many patients, breast reduction surgery can significantly increase quality of life, providing valuable freedoms never before possible.

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