Breast Enhancement Requires An Artistic Eye

Symmetry and balance are critical to great breast surgery. Trust Dr. Alberico Sessa to create the results you desire. Breast surgery is often a combination of augmentation and lift. Each case is unique and each requires a solution tailored to the patient.

“For ten years I have been thinking about having breast surgery. Last year I started searching for the right place and the right doctor. I met with Dr. Sessa with whom I had a really good contact and felt very confident. He is very professional, meticulous, takes time to explain in details the procedure. He and his team made me feel very comfortable and I decided to go forward with the surgery.
Everything went very well. Dr. Sessa and his team were very supportive.
After surgery, the follow up was really serious, and I am very happy with the result. My only regret: I should have done it ten years ago! The result is fabulous, above expectations. For anyone who is looking for a good surgeon, I can strongly recommend Dr. Sessa and his team at Sarasota Surgical Arts.
My boyfriend and myself are so happy with the result and the professionalism of Dr. Sessa, that we are planning to go back to his clinic for further cosmetic surgery.”

-Anonymous, Geneva, Switzerland

Breast Augmentation Breast Size Enhancement

This procedure involves the placement of artificial breast implants to give the breasts volume. Breast augmentation increases the size and shape of a woman’s breasts and/or corrects dissimilarity in breast size. Many women who are unsatisfied with the size of their breasts, as well as women with depleted breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss, elect to undergo breast augmentation. Women experiencing sagging of their breasts may be better served through breast lift (mastopexy) or a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation (augmentation mastopexy) to both elevate the bust line and enhance breast size.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Sessa can make the small initial incisions for breast augmentation either along the fold under the breast, around the edge of the nipple or within the underarm, according to the technique he and the patient have decided upon before surgery. He then creates a pocket that will accommodate the breast implant behind or on top of the pectoral muscle, depending on a combination of the patient’s level of skin elasticity and the desired results of breast augmentation. Once the implant is placed in its proper position, the incisions are carefully sutured, leaving minimal if any post-operative scarring.

Results of Breast Augmentation

For many women, breast augmentation helps enhance self-confidence by increasing satisfaction with the appearance of their body. Dr. Sessa consistently creates breast augmentation results that are beautiful, natural, and consistent with his patient’s expectations.

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