What’s the Difference Between a Mini and Full Breast Lift?

If you’re researching breast lift surgery, then you may have noticed there are two different procedures available: mini breast lifts and full breast lifts.

Today, we’re going to explain which breast lift procedure is right for you – and whether or not it’s worth or whether you need to pay the extra $1000 for the full lift at our cosmetic surgery center in Sarasota.

How Much Do Mini and Full Breast Lifts Cost?

Mini Lift: $6000

Full Lift: $7000

What’s the Difference Between the Two Procedures?

If your nipple falls below your lower inframammary fold, then you should consider a full lift. If your nipple is slightly sagging, then you may only need a mini lift. If you’re unsure of whether you fit into one category or the other, you can receive a consultation from Dr. Alberico Sessa and his Sarasota cosmetic surgery team.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Dr. Alberico Sessa uses the vertical mastoplexy technique to raise the bust line and re-sculpt the breasts, helping to restore their natural look and shape. The vertical mastoplexy technique provides superior results and creates a smaller “lollipop” incision.

Some women may also benefit from augmentation mastoplexy (a breast lift with breast implants) to increase the size, texture, and appearance of the breasts. During your consultation, Dr. Sessa will discuss the best option for your unique goals.

Who Are Good Candidates for the Mini Lift?

As mentioned above, anyone whose nipple is only slightly sagging is a good candidate for the mini lift procedure. The mini lift doesn’t require as much as the full breast lift, which correlates to the cheaper price tag, of course.

Why is the Full Breast Lift $1,000 More?

The full breast lift costs $1,000 more than the mini lift because the mini lift is just for people who want the stability of a full lift – but with less scarring. Usually people with large breasts that sag and need a smaller envelope for a breast will get a full lift, which is why the price is slightly more expensive.

What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift, Either Mini or Full?

The benefits for both mini and full breast lifts are a higher, more compact, and more shapely breast.

With the mini lift or nipple lift, the procedure puts the nipple into a more aesthetic position through augmentation. This gives the appearance of a higher nipple. The effect of this treatment is particularly noticeable if the nipple is above the lower crease.

Both the mini lift and full lift provide a higher, more compact, more shapely, and more youthful-looking breast.

Anything Else I Should Know About the Difference Between Mini and Full Lifts?

-Breast lifts are different from breast implants. Breast lifts, also known as a mastopexy, will lift or shift the breast up on the chest. They will not increase the size of the breast or tighten the skin.

-At the same time, implants don’t always help the appearance of the breast if the breast is already sagging. Some patients come into our Sarasota cosmetic surgery clinic thinking they need breast implants only to discover that they can benefit more from a breast lift.

-Having trouble deciding between mini and full breast lifts? Talk to a Sarasota plastic surgeon in your area. They can give you a no-nonsense opinion of the best way to improve your breasts – either through lifts, implants, or some combination of both procedures.

If you’re interested in a mini or full breast lift in Sarasota, Florida, then Sarasota Surgical Arts and Dr. Alberico Sessa can provide expert-quality guidance. Schedule your appointment with the clinic today and discover why Sarasota Surgical Arts is the top-rated cosmetic surgery facility in Sarasota.

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