5 Things to Know Before Getting Breast Implants

breast implants SarasotaEven though breast augmentation surgery is a very common procedure, you’re probably wondering if there are any additional steps you should take in the days just before your surgery?

We like to anticipate our clients’ needs, so we put together a quick checklist with the five most important steps for you to take before arriving at our cosmetic surgery & breast augmentation clinic in Sarasota.

#1 Stay Healthy Before Surgery

It might sound like we’re stating the obvious here, but you need to avoid contact with any friends or family members who are ill, even with something like a cold or flu.

Smokers should also dramatically reduce their nicotine intake, or quit completely before their procedure, if at all possible.

Surgeons are within their rights to cancel the procedure at the last moment if they consider you to be unsuitable for it on health grounds.

Please tell your surgeon if you’ve recently began taking any new medication, vitamins or other supplements in the last 3 – 4 weeks. You should ideally detox yourself of any unnecessary medication or supplements for at least 30 days prior to your procedure.

OTC painkillers like aspirin can thin your blood, which can cause complications during surgery.

#2 Self-Care & Preparation 

You’ll probably have a million things going through your head on the day of your procedure and the days leading up to it, so it’s a very good idea to do some planning for what you’ll need on the day of and in the days afterward.

You should arrange for transport to and from the clinic. The surgery itself requires that you not drive immediately afterward. If a friend or family member cannot help out, book a cab to get you back to your home or hotel room afterward.

Another great idea is to have your home supplied with everything you’ll need for the first 3 – 4 days of your recovery. So, make sure your refrigerator is stocked with healthy groceries, lots of water and anything else you think you might need.

If you have kids, make sure you have somebody available to take care of them for a few days too. You need to focus on recovering first, and then taking care of your family once you can take care of yourself.

#3 Wear Comfortable Clothing Before & After Surgery

If you feel the need to make a fashion statement on the day of your procedure, we’d advise against doing that. Instead, we recommend that patients wear loose, comfortable clothing before and after surgery.

Post-surgery clothing is just as important, so have several spacious sports bras to wear and lots of baggy clothing to relax in. The last thing you should do is squeeze yourself into a favorite dress or a bra that’s now too small for you.

Breast augmentation might be relatively minor surgery, but you need to help your body to heal itself in the most natural way possible.

Want to learn more about proper clothing after a breast procedure? Visit this Breast Cancer Care production.

#4 Medication

You won’t be able to drive for the first few days after your procedure, so make sure you have more than enough of all the medication and medical supplies your surgeon recommended. This includes an antibiotic cream like Neosporin, gauze, OTC painkillers and any clean dressings you might need. You’ll find that you won’t need to rely on the painkillers as much after the first 72 hours.

Keeping plenty of ice packs or cooling gel packs in your home is also a good idea. There won’t be very much swelling involved in your procedure, but sometimes it’s just nice to feel the soothing touch of an ice pack when you’re not feeling 100 percent.

#5 The Big Day

Your first step should be to have a long hot shower and wash your hair. Why? You probably won’t do this for the next day or two. Avoid wearing any kind of makeup, deodorant or nail varnish, and leave all your jewelry at home. You should also remove any metal hair clips or fasteners from your hair.

Do not take any medication such as Xanax or Valium to calm your nerves prior to your surgery without the prior express permission of your surgeon. Being nervous is nothing to be ashamed of, but your surgeon is the best person to talk to about any concerns you might have.

And one final recommendation: wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. We’re certain you see a trend here, right?

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