3 Reasons Why Women Get Breast Reductions

breast reductionSure, plenty of women struggle with having smaller breasts than they would like, but have you thought about other women that have breasts that are physically too large for their bodies? So, while many women dream of having bigger breasts, others are desperate to stop the discomfort caused by large breasts.

The good news? A breast reduction procedure can dramatically reduce the size of your breasts, giving you the figure you’ve always wanted. In fact, the number of women having breast reduction surgery is increasing each year, almost in parallel with the number of women having breast augmentations.

Causes of Larger Breasts:

A marked increase exists in the average size of a woman’s breasts, especially in more developed countries. A number of theories explain this, including one stating we now have larger amounts of fat, especially animal fat, in our diets than even fifty years ago.

Animal hormones in our food are also partly to blame. Interesting, however, is that 100 years ago the average age for a girl to begin menstruating was 16 years of age. Now, a girl as young as 9 years old experiences her first menstrual cycle.

The earlier a woman’s breasts begin to develop, the more likely they will be above average size once she reaches adulthood.

Here are the top three reasons why women choose to have their breast size reduced:

#1 Physiological Problems:

Excessive breast size can cause a variety of physical complications for women, including back, neck and shoulder pain. This discomfort is caused both by the added weight of extra breast tissue and because most women with larger breasts tend to hunch over in an attempt to hide their breast size.

Something as simple as going for a jog or climbing some stairs can be enough to cause extreme pain, along with the frequent risk of rashes and fungal infections. Combined with the overall discomfort of carrying around large breasts, this leaves many women living secluded lives.

ABC News covered the topic in 2008 with its piece, “When Big Breasts are a Big Pain.”

#2 Wardrobe Malfunctions:

Only women with larger breasts can understand the frustration which comes with shopping for clothes. Even buying a bra can become an unbearable chore because you’re forced to shop in specialized lingerie stores that provide bras for the larger bust.

You also face the issue of being a size 10 around your waist but a size 18 on top, which means your clothes never fit the way they are intended. The fact that your bra constantly cuts and pinches you adds to the misery.

#3 Self-Confidence:

Imagine what it would feel like to look in the mirror and see the body contour you’ve always wanted? Imagine what it would be like to be able to reduce or eliminate the objectifying behavior displayed towards women with larger breasts?

A breast reduction procedure can give you back your inner glow, allowing you to truly enjoy your life again.

Breast Reduction Basics:

Once you’ve completed your initial consultation with Dr. Sessa, you’ll then proceed to having the procedure performed several days or weeks later. A small incision is made around your nipple, and underneath your breast.

Dr. Sessa then removes the amount of excess breast tissue, skin and fat required to give you the breast size you agreed upon during your consultation. The final stages of your procedure (sculpting) will ensure that your breasts are symmetrical (both the same size) and that your nipple is positioned correctly for a completely natural appearance.

The incisions are then sutured closed, and the healing process begins.

We’ve found that breast reduction surgery provides an almost instant improvement in the quality of life experienced by our patients. So, if you’d like to discuss the viability of a breast reduction procedure in Sarasota, we’d love to talk to you about that.

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